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♥; lucky charm
"he's my lucky charm" - oh sehun to kim joonmyun
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Hello! The third round of xunmian has finally come to an end! We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this fest possible!

Lucky Charm 2016: Reveals!!Collapse )
06.28.16 - #6 By Your Side
Title: By Your Side
Prompt: #6
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Sehun/Junmyeon, side Junmyeon/Jisoo
Rating: PG-13
Genre (s): Fluff, Humor, Romance
Length: 3,553 words
Summary: When Suho spends too much time with Jisoo, Sehun's obviously going to make a change to that.
Warning(s): Glory Day spoilers (includes death), slight diarrhea ref
Disclaimers: There are some references to Glory Day (the movie both Suho and Jisoo acted in) that has death and violence in it, so if you do not want spoilers or feel uncomfortable with any mentions, skip over them or do not read the fic. The movie is referenced in a joking way.
Author’s note: The prompt was unfinished, so I added onto the end by myself. This is also my first ever fic/fic fest as I've never read any beforehand, so it'd be great if you could leave constructive criticism or any feedback on what you think! Thank you!

By Your Side [1/1]Collapse )
Title: You're the Perfect Lullaby
Prompt: #44
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Seho, referenced fwb! Sekai
Rating: NC-17
Genre (s): slight magical realism in a domestic/restless college boy au
Length: 8.2k words
Summary: His name is Joonmyun, and sometimes—half the time—Sehun is married to him.
Warning(s): marital discord and implied future separation, sleeping w/ your au’s significant other????, blowjobs, rimjobs, sad sex
Disclaimers: i wasn't sure how sad to make this, so i made it kinda sad
Author’s note: title is a beyonce reference

You're the Perfect Lullaby [1/1]Collapse )
Title: Thoughts After
Prompt: #20
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Suho/Sehun, Chen/Kyungsoo, Xiumin/Luhan
Rating: PG-13
Genre (s): slice of life!au, romance
Length: 3.949 words
Summary: Joonmyun taking a short trip down memory lane ft. Sehun
Warning(s): -
Author’s note: I just hope I did justice to the prompt! Have a great summer everyone~

Thoughts After [1/1]Collapse )
Title: a little closer (hold me tight)
Prompt: #9
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Suho/Sehun/Kai
Rating: NC-17
Genre (s): canon au, smut
Length: 5,415 words
Summary: Sehun and Jongin make a bet, have a competition, about who can have more of any kind of sex with Junmyeon on Friday night. Junmyeon finds out about it by the end of Saturday night, but doesn't stop them.
Warning(s): just...a lot of smut (blowjobs, dry humping, swallowing cum, ass eating/rimming), also slight voyeurism
Author’s note: i just don't know what i'm doing with my life anymore. so much smut. literally, 90% of this fic must be smut. i'm o<-< and i kinda gave up at the end, but i hope its still good enough!!

a little closer (hold me tight) [1/1]Collapse )
Title: the silver compass points to you
Prompt: #10
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): SeHo
Rating: R
Genre (s): Romance
Length: 8300w
Summary: "His name is Sehun and he’s twenty.” His mother continues, slicing a piece of mutton on her plate before glancing at him. “Do you have any objections?” Prince!AU

the silver compass points to you [1/1]Collapse )
06.22.16 - #4 Move along
Title: Move along
Prompt: #4
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Suho/Sehun, Kai/Krystal
Rating: PG
Genre (s): Humor
Length: 4.1k
Summary: Sehun’s very insistent friends take him to a Star Wars convention, where he keeps running into a short stormtrooper.
Warning(s): the word “dick”, awkward situation in a toilet
Disclaimers(s): No stormtroopers were harmed during the making of this fic, only Junmyeon’s pride.
Author’s note: The prompt was so cute I had to take it. :This was my research for the fic lol I can totally imagine Junmyeon doing a tutorial of his own.

Move along [1/1]Collapse )


Hello! Here's Lucky Charm 2016 masterlist post! Below is where you will find the fics posted thus far!  Don't forget to comment on the fics you read and enjoy <3
Lucky Charm 2016: MasterlistCollapse )
Title: Hearts Racing
Prompt: #60
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): suho x girl!sehun; chanyeol x girl!baekhyun
Rating: PG
Genre (s): romance, college!au
Length: 7.6k
Summary: sehun’s tired of being an introvert. she wants someone to call her own, but she’s always afraid of saying the wrong things, so she doesn’t say much. but when joonmyeon comes into play, she just doesn’t know what to do anymore.
Disclaimers: lapsock
Author’s note: i’m not sure if i did justice to this prompt and fic. i hope I portrayed a shy!sehun in the right way and hope that it’s up to par. also, i hope that the letters were enough ;; thank you for this absolutely beautiful prompt and for giving me an opportunity to write.

Hearts Racing [1/1]Collapse )
Title: Hide me (in your embrace)
Prompt: #3
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Sehun/Suho, squint for Chanyeol/D.O.
Rating: PG-13
Genre (s): Romance, fluff, mild (0.9%) angst
Length: 5,159 words
Summary: Sehun likes to be alone, but he doesn’t like feeling lonely. Cue loud trumpets as Junmyeon saunters in.
Warning(s): none
Author’s note: There will probably be an extended version of this otl

Hide me (in your embrace) [1/1]Collapse )
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