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Lucky Charm 2016: Reveals!!

Hello! The third round of xunmian has finally come to an end! We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this fest possible!

We want to thank every single one of the participants, prompters, and of course the readers and those who left lovely comments on the fics! <3 this fest wouldn't have been possible without each and everyone of you! ٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶~♡

And now, let's proceed to the reveals!! Go find out who wrote all of the wonderful seho fics! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

DAY 1 ღ [June 20]

ღ Every Story Ever Written (Just Waiting to Become Real)〘 by northofthehouse
Sehun/Suho (SeHo), Slight!Chen/Kai ‖ 1,772 words ‖ Prompt #34
Junmyeon wanted a love story like his parents had. Sehun’s just the Librarian’s apprentice who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

ღ Wrapped Around Your Finger〘 by fanofta
Sehun/Suho, side!Sehun/Irene ‖ 34k words ‖ NC-17 ‖ Prompt #8
Sehun had everything, or at least he thought he did. Then he met Junmyeon, and everything fell apart.

DAY 2 ღ [June 21]

ღ Hide me (in your embrace)〘 by orion_andbeyond
Sehun/Suho, squint for Chanyeol/D.O. ‖ 5,159 words ‖ PG-13 ‖ Prompt #3
Sehun likes to be alone, but he doesn’t like feeling lonely. Cue loud trumpets as Junmyeon saunters in.

ღ Hearts Racing〘 by dyorayaki
suho x girl!sehun; chanyeol x girl!baekhyun ‖ 7.6k words ‖ PG ‖ Prompt #60
sehun’s tired of being an introvert. she wants someone to call her own, but she’s always afraid of saying the wrong things, so she doesn’t say much. but when joonmyeon comes into play, she just doesn’t know what to do anymore.

DAY 3 ღ [June 22]

ღ Move along〘 by caterplina
Suho/Sehun, Kai/Krystal ‖ 4.1k words ‖ PG ‖ Prompt #4
Sehun’s very insistent friends take him to a Star Wars convention, where he keeps running into a short stormtrooper.

ღ the silver compass points to you〘 by stina098
SeHo ‖ 8300 words ‖ R ‖ Prompt #10
"His name is Sehun and he’s twenty.” His mother continues, slicing a piece of mutton on her plate before glancing at him. “Do you have any objections?” Prince!AU

DAY 4 ღ [June 23]

ღ a little closer (hold me tight)〘 by psharp10
Suho/Sehun/Kai ‖ 5,415 words ‖ N-17 ‖ Prompt #9
Sehun and Jongin make a bet, have a competition, about who can have more of any kind of sex with Junmyeon on Friday night. Junmyeon finds out about it by the end of Saturday night, but doesn't stop them.

ღ Thoughts After〘 by mithra_jin
Suho/Sehun, Chen/Kyungsoo, Xiumin/Luhan ‖ 3.949 words ‖ PG-13 ‖ Prompt #20
Joonmyun taking a short trip down memory lane ft. Sehun

DAY 5 ღ [June 27]

ღ You're the Perfect Lullaby〘 by oneforyourfire
Seho, referenced fwb! Sekai ‖ 8.2k words ‖ N-17 ‖ Prompt #44
His name is Joonmyun, and sometimes—half the time—Sehun is married to him.

DAY 6 ღ [June 28]

ღ By Your Side〘 by suhomochi
Sehun/Junmyeon, side Junmyeon/Jisoo ‖ 3,553 words ‖ PG-13 ‖ Prompt #6
When Suho spends too much time with Jisoo, Sehun's obviously going to make a change to that.


For all the writers, you may now reply to the comments you got on your fics ^^ and also you are free to crosspost your fics to your own journals or other fanfic blogs you have! :)

There won't be a separate post for the friending meme, so if you want to make friends with other writers, feel free to copy the content on this box and paste it in the comment section!

Once again, thank you everyone for participating and supporting Lucky Charm round 2016! We hope to see you all in the future! (^-^*)/

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