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[#8] Wrapped Around Your Finger [1/5]

Title: Wrapped Around Your Finger
Prompt: #8
Author: Anonymous
Pairing: Sehun/Suho, side!Sehun/Irene
Rating: NC-17
Genre (s): romance, slice of life I guess?
Word Count: 34k words
Summary: ehun had everything, or at least he thought he did. Then he met Junmyeon, and everything fell apart.
Author’s note: This is my first time doing a fic fest and attempting a "shorter" fic, so I hope it's not too boring or wordy. I also hope the prompter loves the fic. I worked hard on it ;; Thank you so much to the mods for coordinating the fest. Lastly, thank you to everyone that reads and I hope you enjoy :3

Sehun sighed as he leaned against the counter in a small cafe where he worked. His eyes were either constantly staring at the door or constantly staring at the clock. His shift would be ending soon and he was meeting his girlfriend afterward to see a movie. The cafe was particularly slow today, so watching the clock was about as productive as Sehun could get. A coworker smacked him on the back of the head playfully.

“Look, I know you're eager to ditch me for your girlfriend, but at least try to be less obvious about it,” a girl around Sehun's age grumbled.

“What the hell, Seulgi!” He whined, rubbing his head.

“You're practically drooling on the counter watching the clock,” she snapped, pointing at it. “If you're gonna ditch me for my best friend, you could at least make it so I don't have to clean up after you.”

“I wasn't drooling,” Sehun huffed indignantly.

“Mhm, sure.”

Sehun opened his mouth to protest, but the ring of the bell above the door stopped him. Almost instantly, he stood up straight, assuming his most attractive, respectable working persona. Seulgi did much the same, donning a sweet, welcoming smile.

“Welcome!” They said in unison.

A girl stood in the doorway, looking at both of them with wide eyes, as if they were nuts. As soon as Seulgi and Sehun realized who it was, they instantly relaxed, groaning a little. The girl entered the cafe and walked right up to the counter, smiling knowingly.

“That was oddly in sync...” She commented cheekily. “You two were bickering again, weren't you?”

“No!” Sehun and Seulgi denied simultaneously. The other girl giggled and shook her head. “I don't know how you two still work here together. If the manager knew how much you argued, he'd probably fire you both for being annoying.”

“Excuse me, ma'am,” Seulgi said sweetly. “Would you like to order something? And please take your stupid boyfriend so he's out of my hair?”

The other girl laughed and glanced up at the menu. Sehun watched her silently as she skimmed the list, fingers delicately tapping her lips as she considered each option. He didn't even care that Seulgi had insulted him. His girlfriend was here, and that instantly lightened his mood. It also meant that once he made her drink, his shift would be up and he would be free to go.

“I think I'll just have a hot Chai tea,” the girl sighed. Seulgi typed it into the register and Sehun tapped her shoulder. “I got it.”

Seulgi rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. Sehun had already turned around and started making the drink. Seulgi leaned forward so that she was really close to the other girl's ear.

“Your boyfriend's such a gentleman, Joohyun~” She whispered playfully. “I'd almost be jealous were it not for the fact that I have to deal with mopping up the drool as he slacks off~”

“Don't you have tables to clean?” Sehun grumbled, walking back over to them and handing Joohyun her drink before paying for it. “My shift is over now, so I'm gonna head out!”

He took off his apron, threw on his sweater, and headed around the counter to where Joohyun was standing. He wrapped his arm around her waist and started ushering her away. As they left he heard Seulgi call out once more.

“Have fun on your date!”

Sehun walked alongside Joohyun, listening as she talked animatedly. She was always the more talkative one, but Sehun genuinely loved listening to her stories. Even the most mundane happenings became their own little adventure when she described them. Then again, perhaps it was just because Sehun was in love with her.

They had been dating for about 6 months. Joohyun was 22, about 2 years older than Sehun. She was friends with Seulgi, which was how they initially met. They'd hit it off pretty well in the beginning, and a few months later, Sehun found himself asking her out. Since then, they'd been happily dating and almost attached at the hip. They both still seemed to be in the starstruck phase. Seulgi often teased them, saying it made being around them unbearable sometimes, but Sehun could tell she was really happy for both of them. Sehun wondered sometimes when the new would wear off their relationship. Honestly, he hoped it didn't any time soon.

Dates after they both got off work were quite common. Today was no exception. They were off to see a movie in the theater and eat dinner afterwards. Joohyun had been dying to see a new romantic comedy film that had just come out. They both liked to watch a lot of movies together of various genres. Joohyun would sit through most action films as long as it wasn't overly grotesque, and Sehun would watch romantic comedies and even musicals. He wasn't quite ready to admit it, but he actually really liked both.

As Joohyun was walking, she got a little further ahead of Sehun. His eyes wandered from her soft, brown hair, down to the light purple sweater that she was wearing, down to the tight pair of jeans covering her legs. It was a simple look, but she somehow managed to make even the plainest of attire look amazing.

His eyes widened when he noticed a dark red spot in between her legs. He immediately slipped his sweater off, shuddering as a cold breeze blew by, then snaked his arms around Joohyun's waist, tying the sleeves in front of her. He wrapped his arms around her stomach, resting his chin on her shoulder, and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“What's up?” She asked, turning her head so she could see him.

“You bled through,” he whispered. Her eyes went wide and she smacked her hand over her mouth.

“Oh my God...”

“It's ok. I covered it.”

“No, it's not ok,” Joohyun stated in a panicked voice. “I don't have a change of pants or anything!”

“Shh, it's ok,” Sehun soothed once more, snuggling her close. “There's a convenience store right around here. Let's go there first and see what we can find, ok?”

“Oh my God...I'm so sorry...”

Sehun shushed her once more and held her close as they headed to the store. He knew she was very easily embarrassed and something like this was mortifying for her, so he just wanted to try to keep her calm. He also knew her moods shifted even worse when she was on her period, so cheering her up was his first priority.

When they got to the convenience store, they headed straight for the female products section. Sehun kept his arm wrapped around Joohyun's back as she skimmed the shelf for the brand of tampons that she used. After that, she grabbed a small pack. Normally she had them in her purse, but today had to be the one day she forgot to pack them.

“I'm going to need to change my pants...” She said quietly, looking down at the ground.

“That's ok. We can run by your house.”

“We'll miss our movie if we do that.”

“It's fine. We can see it another day.” She frowned and placed her forehead on Sehun's chest.

“I'm so sorry...”

“It's ok,” he soothed, hugging her and rubbing her back. “You have nothing to be sorry about. This kind of stuff happens.”

“I really wanted to see the movie though,” she pouted.

“Well, would one of your family members be able to help?” Sehun suggested. “Like bring you a change of clothes or something?” She pulled away slightly and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Maybe my brother! I think he was off work today. Lemme give him a call.”

She pulled her phone out of her purse and dialed a number. As she listened to it ringing, she leaned against Sehun's chest once more and he rubbed her back. Finally, the other line connected.

“Ah, Junmyeon? What are you up to right now?” There was a pause. “Could you do me a huge favor please?” Short pause. “I need a change of pants and underwear,” she explained really quietly, getting a bit shier. “I started my period and I'm out with Sehun...” A slightly long pause.

“Yeah, we're at the convenient store near the cafe where Seulgi works, you know the one. Thank you, Junmyeon, you're a life saver! Oh! And bring one of your extra sweaters please? One of the bigger ones?”

She hung up the phone and looked up bashfully at Sehun. She gave him a small thumbs up and he smiled, hugging her close and swaying her slightly.

“See, everything will be ok,” he mumbled into her hair.

“It's still really embarrassing though...”

“It'll be ok. Let's just get you taken care of.”

Sehun walked with her over to the cashier. He grabbed a chocolate bar from the nearby display and placed it next to the box of tampons. After, he pulled out his wallet and paid for both items. Joohyun looked up at him with a small pout and he simply grabbed her hand and the bag and lead her out of the store so they could watch for her older brother.

Sehun kept her snuggled close while they waited. She'd started sipping at her tea once more, which was a sign that she was at least calming down a little. Sehun was shivering because of the autumn breeze, but he figured it would be ok. Joohyun was managing to keep him somewhat warm at least. Eventually, she sighed.

“I really am sorry about this, Sehun...I should have been more prepared...”

“Last I checked, this wasn't exactly something you can always prepare for,” Sehun sighed. “I mean, you can count the days but still, you can't know exactly when it'll start, right?”

“I know, I just...I feel bad. You and my brother have to deal with this now...”

“I don't mind one way or the other,” Sehun shrugged. “I'm happy to help.”

“Thank you...You and my brother really are my life savers...”

“Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever met your brother.”

“Really? I guess it makes sense since he moved to his own apartment about a year ago. He still drops by our house all the time though, so I'm sure you'll see him there eventually.”

“What's he like?”

“His name's Junmyeon. He's 25 and works as an accountant. Not the most exciting job, but it pays him well and he's smart and efficient. We've always been there for each other.”

“Sounds like a good guy.”

“He really is. I hope you'll like him as you get to know him.”

“Guess I'll have to see,” Sehun shrugged. He dug into the bag and pulled out the chocolate bar. “For now, eat this while we wait for him.”


“You deserve chocolate and I know you want it,” Sehun teased, pulling open the wrapper and holding it to her mouth. She sighed and took a bite.

“Fine,” She huffed, taking the bar from him.

She leaned against him and nibbled away as they waited outside. Occasionally she would hold it up to Sehun's mouth so he could have a bite as well. Just as they were finishing the chocolate, a car pulled into one of the parking spaces. Joohyun immediately perked up.

“That's his car!”

Soon enough, the door opened and a man slid out of the seat. He had soft features and his bangs were fluffed down, covering his forehead. He was wearing jeans and a form fitting sweater, looking fairly casual but still insanely attractive. Sehun wasn't about to dwell on that last fact though.

The man leaned back into the car, grabbing something out of the passenger seat, then he shut the door, locking the car behind him. He walked over to Joohyun and immediately handed her the bag.

“Thank you so much,” she said gently, hugging him. The man smiled and Sehun's heart fluttered slightly at the sight.

“Of course! I wasn't going to just leave you in a situation like this. Now go change!”
“Alright...I'll be right back...” She said shyly, glancing at both men.

Sehun nodded and handed her the store bag. Before leaving, she dug into the bag of clothing and pulled out the sweater she'd asked her brother to bring, then handed it to Sehun. He looked at her in confusion.

“Wear that for today...I don't know if I bled through on your sweater, but I'd rather wash it first before you wear it again...”

“Ok...” Sehun mumbled, taking the sweater. He was freezing at this point, so any source of warmth was welcome.

“I'll be right back!”

She rushed into the store, leaving the two men alone. Sehun quickly threw on the sweater, noting that it was a little small, but not unwearable. His eyes began roaming over her brother once more, taking in each aspect. He was shorter than Sehun, but he was still extremely attractive. Good genes really ran in Joohyun's family. Sehun realized he didn't even know the man's name. He flushed slightly when he noticed his gaze was being returned.

“I don't think we've been formally introduced,” the other man started. “I'm Junmyeon, Joohyun's older brother.”

“I'm Sehun, her boyfriend...”

“So you're the notorious, lucky guy,” Junmyeon laughed, holding his hand out.

Sehun took it and was instantly amazed at how warm it was. It must have been because he was still really cold.

“It's good to finally meet you,” the man continued.

“The same for you,” Sehun agreed. “Joohyun's spoken pretty highly of you.”

“It's all an act,” Junmyeon laughed. “She's always telling me how much of a loser I am.”

“It's probably just a sibling thing,” Sehun offered, shrugging a bit.

Junmyeon laughed once more, and Sehun couldn't believe how warm and inviting of a sound it was. Joohyun's family was literally perfection. That was all Sehun could figure.

“Thank you for taking care of her,” Junmyeon continued. “I'm glad she's got you to look after her in these situations.”

“I didn't do much,” Sehun muttered, flushing once more. He didn't think he'd blushed this much since he asked Joohyun out. “Any good boyfriend would have done the same thing, right?”

Junmyeon smiled and laughed softly once more. Sehun's heart felt like it was doing flips in his chest. Why did this man he just met have to be so perfect already? Sehun was starting to wonder if he would survive if he became a permanent part of the family.

Thankfully, before his mind could melt any further, Joohyun came back out, wearing a new set of dark jeans, her old clothing stuffed into the bag. She gave them both a small thumbs up.

“All better?” Junmyeon asked.

“All better!” She responded. Her brother nodded.

“So where are you two headed?” He asked. Joohyun looked at her phone.

“Well, we were going to go see a movie, but I don't know if we'll make it on time...”

“I'll give you a lift,” Junmyeon offered. Sehun and Joohyun stared at him in surprise.

“You don't have to do that!” She gasped. Her brother merely shook his head.

“You'll miss your movie otherwise. Come on.”

He motioned them over to his car. Joohyun looked at Sehun questioningly, as if she was asking if he was ok with it, and Sehun decided to lead the way. He grabbed her hand and the two walked over, getting into the back seat. The entire way to the movie theater, Joohyun and Junmyeon chatted away. They seemed very natural around one another, joking and teasing often. Even Sehun was able to join in the conversation easily.

It was almost disappointing when they reached the movie theater and Junmyeon dropped them off, but as soon as Sehun and Joohyun were seated and the lights dimmed, any thoughts of Junmyeon were out of their minds. It was just them once more.

After the movie, Sehun treated Joohyun to a nice, but inexpensive dinner. By the time they were done, Joohyun was starting to feel the aches and pains of her period, so Sehun decided it was time and walked her home. Joohyun thanked him once more for everything, and Sehun simply kissed her on the lips before heading home.


A little over two weeks later, Sehun found himself at Joohyun's house. Her parents were out of town for the weekend and she had invited him over. She had mentioned dinner and spending the evening at her house so she wasn't alone, but he wasn't so naive to not understand where this was probably leading.

He arrived after his shift ended in the early evening. The smell of dinner greeted him as Joohyun lead him into the house. She briefly told him that it would be ready in about half an hour before heading back into the kitchen. Sehun kicked off his shoes at the entrance and followed behind her.

She had arranged the table neatly for two people and was buzzing around the kitchen, adding last minute ingredients and making sure everything tasted perfect. Sehun helped her put food on plates and took them to the table. Each time he walked by her, he playfully bumped into her with his hip, earning him a light smack on the shoulder in return. It was small moments like this that were Sehun's absolute favorites.

They sat down to eat, and as expected, the food was absolutely wonderful. Sehun was beginning to think there wasn't a thing Joohyun couldn't do. Dinner was full of lighthearted chattering and happy glances with the occasional kiss or two.

Following dinner, Joohyun gave Sehun a small tour of the house. The shelves were full of small picture frames that looked like they'd been hand crafted. Joohyun was in love with 'do-it-yourself' items and aesthetic, so naturally, her house was decorated with her own little creations. She'd even knit some small coasters and potholders for Sehun as a birthday present. Initially, she'd been really shy and nervous about the gift, fearing it would be too old fashioned, but Sehun loved them. They'd saved him from several instances of burned fingers and ruined counter tops as well.

When they got to her room, Sehun wasn't surprised to find it relatively organized, overflowing with shades of pastel colors. Her desk was neat, lined with hand decorated picture frames and jars holding supplies and pencils. Sehun recognized one photo of Joohyun and her brother, Junmyeon. He picked it up and looked at it for a brief moment before moving on to the rest of the room.

In one corner she had an array of tubs containing fabric and yarn. Sehun was amazed at just how much she had. Joohyun was really serious about her crafting and Sehun was fully supportive of it. She had a real talent and he wouldn't be surprised if she started selling some of her completed projects for an extra bit of cash.

Joohyun plopped down on her bed and patted the spot next to her. Sehun sat down where she had indicated and smiled at her. His eyes wandered over the bed, stopping when he spotted a small cat plushy. He picked it up, noting that it was handmade as well. It looked like it had been crocheted, with a round stomach and pudgy cheeks. It was sewn together in such a way that it sat with its feet out in front of it, similar to a teddy bear. Even the paw pad details had been crocheted.

“This is really cute,” he commented. “Did you make this too?”

“Hm?” She asked, looking down at the cat. “Ah, no...I didn't. Junmyeon did actually.”

“Junmyeon? Your brother!?” Sehun asked skeptically.

He hadn't expected someone as attractive and mature as Junmyeon to have a hobby like making stuffed animals. Then again, he hardly knew the man, so maybe Junmyeon was nothing like his first impression. He was related to Joohyun, so it really wasn't a surprise that crafting talent ran in his blood as well.

Sehun wanted to get to know more about Junmyeon. His mind seemed to skip over the small detail of how attractive he found the man. This was purely because he wanted to get to know more about Joohyun's family, and Junmyeon just happened to be part of it.

“Yeah, he's really good at this kind of thing,” Joohyun explained. “He actually taught me a lot of what I know.”

“Wow...You guys have some real talent in the family...Makes me wonder why you picked someone like me to date,” Sehun joked. Joohyun smiled and kissed him on the lips.

“Because I liked you.”

Sehun set the plushy down on the bed once more. He and Joohyun talked about a number of things for the next few hours, until their voices were starting to go hoarse. Sehun never seemed to run out of things to speak about with her, be it simple comments or deep discussions. They really did get along well.

As throats became sore, words were replaced with kisses. As kisses became more passionate, gentle caresses and tight embraces were exchanged. Joohyun pulled at Sehun's shirt and he let her slide it off with no resistance. Her delicate fingers traced along the indentations of his muscles. Sehun's kisses turned to soft bites and sucks down her neck.

Soon enough, they were bare, Sehun on top of Joohyun. He admired every curve of her body and how soft her skin was. Joohyun was flawless. Their kissing resumed and touching followed. Moans echoed through the room. Sehun was thankful they wouldn't have to worry about anyone coming home that evening.

They paused long enough for Joohyun to slide a condom on. Their love making wasn't rough or rushed. Instead, Sehun took it slow, enjoying the way each of his thrusts had Joohyun arching against him and calling out his name. She only stopped when Sehun reconnected their lips, pressing his tongue into her mouth. Her legs wrapped around his waist and fingers tangled in his hair. Sehun's own hands traipsed along her body, finally settling on her thighs to lift her to a slightly different angle and thrust even deeper.

Joohyun cried out as she came, digging her nails into Sehun's back. He followed after her, moaning into her shoulder. As they caught their breath, Sehun slid out, disposing of the condom in the nearby trash. Joohyun still seemed to be taking everything in. Sehun ran a hand along her cheek, brushing his fingers through her hair.

She smiled shyly at him, and Sehun swore he'd never seen anything more beautiful. Her cheeks were flushed and she was practically glowing. She timidly reached for another condom and held it up, her eyes asking the question rather than her lips. Sehun could do nothing but laugh in response and comply. He would do anything for those eyes.

Joohyun excitedly opened the package and soon enough, the new condom was on and she was lowering herself onto it, thighs on either side of Sehun. He let her take the lead this time, wanting to just bask in her glory. He knew that sounded cheesy, but he had always been a bit of a sap in this regard. He just didn't want to admit it.

When they'd finally had their fill, they laid underneath Joohyun's comforter to snuggle. Sehun was spooning her, their naked bodies pressed together. Sehun's arm was wrapped around her side, their fingers interlaced in front of her. Joohyun put on a movie and the two lazily watched it, slowly dozing off. Sehun was fairly certain he hadn't been this happy and content with life in a long, long time.

The next time Sehun came over to Joohyun's house, Junmyeon was there as well. Sehun wasn't necessarily surprised by that fact, after all Junmyeon was part of the family, but he certainly wasn't expecting it either. Joohyun had briefly explained that she wanted Sehun and Junmyeon to get to know each other better now that they had been officially introduced.

Watching Joohyun and Junmyeon together, cooking and chatting, was possibly the most overwhelming experience ever for Sehun. One family should not have such attractive people in it. Sehun was starting to wonder if their parents had sold their souls to the devil to get such gorgeous children. Obviously he never posed this theory to Joohyun, but secretly he believed it, just a little bit.

Junmyeon was a little quieter than Joohyun. Still more talkative than Sehun, but he wasn't constantly chattering away, not that Joohyun did that either. Sehun just couldn't help but find himself constantly paying attention to the instances in which Junmyeon did talk. There was something about his voice that was really soft and enticing. Perhaps 'welcoming' would be the better word to describe it, but Sehun would be lying if he said he wasn't drawn to his voice either.

Dinner was mostly full of small talk. Junmyeon asked them the standard questions about their relationship like how they met and such. Sehun couldn't stop staring at him the entire time. Even the way Junmyeon held his utensils seemed to have Sehun in awe. What was it about the older man that got Sehun so shaken up?

When speaking about his own life, Junmyeon kept things very brief and vague. He swore that his job was boring and dry and that his personal and love lives were even drier. Instead, Junmyeon wanted to hear more about Sehun and Joohyun, though mostly Sehun because he'd known Joohyun her entire life. Sehun didn't really have many exciting things to say either. He simply worked in a small cafe, was saving for college, had the picture perfect girlfriend, bummed around his apartment in his free time, and watched way too many movies. Junmyeon still seemed to find that fascinating though.

Following dinner, the three curled up on the couch to watch yet another movie. Sehun really wasn't exaggerating when he said he watched too many movies. He was seated in between Joohyun and Junmyeon, and it felt like he was a blob of anxiety sandwiched in between perfection. Sehun really shouldn't have been that nervous, but something about Joohyun and Junmyeon together just got to him. At least, that's what he tried to tell himself.

As the movie started, Sehun saw movement on his right and glanced over. Junmyeon had gotten off the couch to go grab something. He came back with a pack of several knitting needles and some yarn. He tossed one of the yarn balls to Joohyun and she caught it with ease. After he handed her a set of knitting needles and sat down. Soon, both of them were knitting on either side of Sehun.

Now he just felt incredibly awkward. He found it endearing that Joohyun and her brother basically just knitted together, even if it was seen as a grandparent's activity. He was just sitting there doing nothing though. He almost wished he hadn't eaten dinner so that he could make some popcorn and have something to do.

About halfway through the movie, Joohyun leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. She grabbed another ball of yarn and held it up to him. Sehun looked at it curiously.

“Do you wanna try?” She asked.


Sehun had never been particularly keen on learning how to knit, but he knew it was important to Joohyun and it would make her happy if he took an interest in it or at least gave it a try. If nothing else, it would give Sehun something to do during the movie. What was the worst that could happen after all?

Soon enough, Joohyun had helped Sehun get several chains on his needle and was teaching him the basic knit stitch. He was amazed at how fast Joohyun and Junmyeon could knit. It took him forever just to do one stitch, between poking it through the loop and wrapping the yarn around the needle then pulling it back through. He managed to lose a stitch or two in the process as well and had to start all over. Perhaps he really wasn't meant for the crafting world.

The movie seemed to be long forgotten as Sehun struggled with his needles and yarn. Joohyun couldn't stop giggling at him, but she helped him every time she could tell he was stuck. Even Junmyeon started pitching in tips. At one point, Sehun accidentally looped the yarn around the needle twice and ended up with an extra stitch. He looked at it in a mixture of frustration and exasperation. Two hands reached over and grabbed the needles from him and Sehun flushed. They weren't Joohyun's hands, but something about them was even more warm and gentle.

“Let me see,” Junmyeon whispered softly.

He undid a few stitches and fixed the mistake Sehun had made, then handed it back to him. For the rest of the time, Junmyeon focused on coaching Sehun rather than working on his own piece. Sehun could feel his cheeks heat up every time Junmyeon's breath tickled at his ear or his fingers brushed across Sehun's. There was no way this reaction was normal. It had to be because he didn't know Junmyeon that well yet.

Eventually, Joohyun joined in, so all of the attention was on Sehun. He'd given up trying to save his image at this point and was just asking for help every step of the way now. Joohyun and Junmyeon were practically chanting directions at him. By the time the movie credits were rolling, Sehun finally had a somewhat decent hang of knitting, with guidance anyway. He was almost certain he would never be able to do this on his own though.

Sehun glanced at the time and was surprised that it was already so late. He'd been concentrating too much. He wanted to stay longer, but he would have to go to work in the morning, and he needed the rest. Joohyun seemed disappointed, but she understood where he was coming from.

Sehun helped Junmyeon and Joohyun pack up the yarn. They said they'd keep his progress in case he wanted to work more, but Sehun really doubted he'd ever be able to do anything more with it. Joohyun saw him to the door and they shared a few kisses with each other. Since Junmyeon had been with them the entire time, Sehun realized he hadn't really talked to Joohyun alone or even kissed her. Somehow, the evening felt like a blur and his mind was frazzled. It was probably just because he wasn't used to Junmyeon and he was still shy, despite the fact that Sehun wasn't even shy by nature. Junmyeon was his girlfriend's brother. It made sense to be nervous around him, right?

Sehun hugged Joohyun once more and backed away. To his surprise, Junmyeon stepped out as well, kissing Joohyun on the top of the head in passing and mumbling something about coming by again in a few days. Sehun suddenly felt really bad for leaving Joohyun all alone, but it couldn't be helped.

When Joohyun had shut the door, Sehun turned to Junmyeon and cleared his throat awkwardly. Why did he feel so anxious around the man?

“Did you want me to give you a ride home?” Junmyeon asked.

“Ah, no, it's fine...”

“You have work tomorrow, right? You'd get home sooner since I have a car. It's really not that big of a deal.”


Junmyeon lead Sehun over to his car and the two got in. Sehun sat in the passenger's seat, staring out the window silently as Junmyeon started to drive. The only time he would really speak up was when the other man asked him for directions. Sehun felt like his cheeks were on fire. Why did he feel this way around Junmyeon? He hadn't even been this nervous when he first started pursuing Joohyun.

Thankfully, Junmyeon didn't seem to mind the silence. Instead, he put on some music to lighten the mood. Sehun was surprised when Junmyeon started singing along. He had a really nice voice, one that Sehun could get used to hearing. It was calming his frazzled nerves if nothing else. Sehun couldn't help but hum along as well.

They reached Sehun's apartment faster than he would have liked. Sehun sighed and reached for the door handle, but Junmyeon spoke up suddenly.

“Hey, would you like to exchange numbers?” He asked.


“Phone numbers. Just so we can keep in contact. I mean, you are dating my sister. It could come in handy someday, you know? Especially if we all end up hanging out again or you two need help with something.”

“Oh, yeah...Sure.”

Junmyeon pulled out his phone and they did the exchange. Sehun stared at his phone's screen blankly for a moment before realizing it was actually time for him to get out of the car now. He cleared his throat and opened the door, stepping outside.

“Thanks for the ride...” He mumbled.

“Of course,” Junmyeon answered happily. “I hope I'll see you around again soon.”

“Yeah. Same.”

Sehun waved and shut the door, then watched as Junmyeon drove away. He let out a shaky sigh, placing his hands on his cheeks. Why on earth were they so flushed? Was he actually getting sick? Sehun didn't want to admit it, but Junmyeon had really shaken him up.


Sehun's mind still seemed to be fried the following day. He was in a total daze for most of work. He wanted to blame it on the fact that he'd spent too much brain power on knitting, but he knew that was just a ridiculous lie. The real reason was because he couldn't stop thinking about Junmyeon.

He rubbed his hands up and down his cheeks, groaning and trying to focus on something else. He felt someone nudge his shoulder gently and he looked over to see Seulgi starting at him worriedly.

“You ok?” She asked gently.

“I don't know...”

“Did the date go badly? Did you and Joohyun fight?” She rapid-fired. Sehun sighed and shook his head.

“No, of course not. I just...met her brother...”

“Oh, Junmyeon? Why's that got you down? He's a good guy.”

“Yeah, I know he is,” Sehun mumbled. That was actually most of the problem. “I guess I'm just nervous around him still...I mean, I'm dating his little sister and all...”

“Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about much,” Seulgi comforted. “Junmyeon is a really sweet guy. If he hasn't already taken a liking to you, he will really soon. I don't think it's possible for him to hate someone without having a really legitimate reason to.”

“That's good, I guess...”

“I swear, if he wasn't gay, I'd date him,” Seulgi muttered quietly, leaning on the counter and placing her hands on her cheeks.

“He's gay?” Sehun asked, somewhat surprised.

“Hm? Oh, you didn't know? He's pretty open about it so I would have figured he or Joohyun would have told you...Does that bother you?”

“No, not at all,” Sehun shrugged. “I can appreciate a hot man myself, so...” That was exactly the problem. Seulgi laughed and rolled her eyes.

“No doing that while you're dating Joohyun, alright?”

“Of course not!”

What Sehun was feeling right now was just a mixture of shock, nerves, and physical attraction. It was nothing like what he felt for Joohyun. He couldn't even fathom cheating on her. She was so gentle and kind. He could never do anything to hurt her, let alone betray her trust like that.

Seulgi smiled and laughed, reaching up to ruffle his hair. She hadn't really settled his nerves at all, in fact the new information she'd provided made him even more nervous. Still, she was one of his closest friends and it was nice to have her there to talk to, even if nothing was really resolved. Sehun could only hope that he would calm down with time as he got to know Junmyeon more.

Time went on and Sehun found himself interacting more and more with Junmyeon. The man wasn't always there, in fact there were plenty of times when it was just Joohyun and Sehun. Those were by far the most relaxing days. Sehun even met her parents during one such occasion, and wasn't remotely fazed or nervous. It was only the days when Junmyeon was there that he found his heart beating faster and his tongue stumbling over words.

Despite all of this, somehow Sehun had the bright idea of inviting Junmyeon to the movies to see a new action thriller. He should have invited Joohyun. He knew she would go with him if he did. So why on earth had his fingers sent the text to Junmyeon? Sehun was starting to think he'd completely lost it.

He almost screamed when Junmyeon responded later that evening saying he would go. Sehun knew he should invite Joohyun as well. That would be the right thing to do as her boyfriend, but part of him honestly didn't want to. Going alone with Junmyeon almost felt like he was stabbing her in the back, but he wasn't right? It was just a movie after all. Sehun was thinking way too much about this. He needed to just stop. The damage was done. He was going to the movies with Junmyeon and not Joohyun.

That was how he found himself standing in line with the older man to buy tickets a week later. Junmyeon was dressed in somewhat tight jeans and a plain shirt and jacket. They were simple, but still relatively stylish. Sehun was almost certain that Junmyeon could go into a modeling career if he really wanted to. Why was he thinking about that though?

Sehun shook his head, earning a curious glance from Junmyeon. Thankfully, before the latter could ask about it, it was their turn to buy tickets. By the time they were in the concessions line, Junmyeon seemed to have moved on to chatting with Sehun about the movie they were about to see. From what Sehun gathered, Junmyeon was fairly interested in movies, but his work often kept him busy or left him exhausted, so he never really made an effort to go out and see them. It seemed Junmyeon didn't have much of a social life as a result either. Though he swore that was also because he preferred to be home resting than out drinking with work acquaintances.

They bought a giant tub of popcorn and two drinks that, despite being medium, were absolutely massive. They were both going to need to rush to the bathroom after the movie, Sehun could already tell. They headed into the dark theater and grabbed seats around the middle of the room. After that, it was just a matter of sitting through ads while they waited for the movie to start.

As they grabbed at popcorn, their hands would occasionally brush from time to time. Sehun jumped the first few times it happened and apologized, earning that wonderful, warm smile from Junmyeon. After a while though, he finally got used to it. Perhaps this would help him calm down around Junmyeon after all. Maybe this was a good thing.

The movie began and soon they were engrossed in the plot. Sehun couldn't help but still glance at Junmyeon every so often to see how he was reacting. His eyes were wide, glued unblinkingly to the screen. Sehun couldn't help but smile each time he noticed Junmyeon shoveling more popcorn into his mouth as something intense happened on the screen. He wondered if that was his coping method to get through rough patches in the movie. If Sehun brought him to a horror movie, he wondered if Junmyeon would gain 5 pounds in one sitting from all the popcorn he'd consume. He couldn't help but giggle at the thought. Thankfully, Junmyeon was too captivated by the film to notice. Sehun had long since stopped paying close attention to it. Instead, his mind was unabashedly revolving around thoughts of the man sitting next to him.

Following the movie, Sehun and Junmyeon bolted to the bathroom, as the former had predicted. When they were done, Sehun decided they might as well grab a light dinner somewhere. Junmyeon was in favor of that as well. Somehow, despite shoveling popcorn into their mouths for a little over two hours, they still wanted more food.

They headed to a small restaurant and sat at a table near the window. The menu wasn't too expensive thankfully, and neither wanted to eat a lot of food, so they both settled on appetizers rather than an actual meal. As the waitress walked off with their order, Junmyeon leaned his elbows on the table and sighed.

“Thanks for inviting me out, Sehun. I really enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, of course. Anytime,” the other responded, trying to ignore the weird feeling in his chest as he saw that same old smile grace Junmyeon's face.

“I don't normally go out like this, but you're really relaxing to be around. Joohyun's lucky to have you.”

“Ah, yeah...” Sehun mumbled.

Joohyun. He had completely forgotten about her. How was that even possible? He supposed it was because he wasn't with her and he didn't always think about her, but still, he was practically ogling over Junmyeon. He was quite shamelessly ogling over him actually. Shouldn't he have thought about Joohyun much earlier and stopped himself? Shouldn't he feel bad about practically drooling over the other man in the first place? So why did he feel worse for realizing that he needed to stop thinking about Junmyeon this way? It was more upsetting to realize he had to stop than it was to realize he was having these thoughts in the first place.

Junmyeon seemed to be completely oblivious to his internal dilemma at least. He took a sip out of his straw and smiled bashfully at Sehun, as if he were flustered for a split second. Then again, maybe Sehun imagined it or was projecting.

“So...You and Joohyun have been dating for half a year now, right?”


“Everything still sailing smoothly?”

“Of course,” Sehun answered automatically. He couldn't exactly say 'not anymore thanks to you.'

“You can give me the dirt, you know,” he joked, laughing a bit at the end. “I'm sure she's got some bad habits that drive you nuts.”

“You just want fuel to tease her with, don't you?” Sehun deadpanned, smirking a bit.

“Damn, figured me out,” the older man shrugged. Sehun couldn't help but laugh.

“She's great, really.”

“I'm really glad you think that way.”

Sehun felt like he was being jokingly poked in the chest with a knife, and he wasn't quite sure why anymore. It could have been the fact that he felt guilty for having these thoughts behind Joohyun's back, or it could have even been heartburn from all the junk food. It was probably because Junmyeon seemed enamored with their relationship though. Sehun didn't really want to admit it, but he would have liked it if Junmyeon had seemed at least a little against them dating, or even a little jealous. He was afraid to think about why he felt that way though.

Their food arrived shortly after and the discussion shifted to thoughts on the movie. Sehun found that even his opinions seemed to line up well with Junmyeon. He had always thought he and Joohyun were compatible, but it seemed he was even more so with her older brother. That line of thinking wasn't going to do him any good, so he forced himself to stop.

Following dinner, Junmyeon drove Sehun home once more. This time, he didn't really need to ask for directions since he knew where it was. Sehun was tired from a long day of emotional turmoil, so he once again remained silent in the passenger seat. Junmyeon turned on music once more and Sehun closed his eyes, listening to the other man's borderline angelic voice for the entire ride home. Sehun was beyond reluctant to leave when they arrived at his apartment. Junmyeon promised they would go out again sometime though, and that left Sehun both relieved and nervous at the same time.

As Sehun watched Junmyeon drive off, the happy daze he had been in all day seemed to wear off and he came back to his senses. There was no way Junmyeon was a good influence. He was by far the worst, in fact. Sehun really needed to minimize the amount of time he spent with the man. He really didn't think his heart would survive otherwise.


The next time Sehun met up with Joohyun, he decided to come clean about going to see the movie with Junmyeon. He left out all the strange feelings he'd had though. Nobody needed to know about those. To his surprise, she actually wasn't bothered at all. On the contrary, she was really happy. In her eyes, that just meant Sehun was becoming closer to the family. She really was too good and trusting of him.

Junmyeon's work seemed to keep him busy most days, so Sehun didn't have to worry about more invitations to see him. He tried his hardest to keep contact with Junmyeon to a minimum. The only time he did see him was when Junmyeon came over and stayed with both Joohyun and Sehun.

The times when Junmyeon wasn't there were great. Sehun and Joohyun got along just as well as always. When her parents were gone, they would stay at each other's houses, and they were the perfect couple. Even their sex life prospered. When Junmyeon was over at Joohyun's house though, Sehun could never quite concentrate. At least, not on Joohyun.

His mind was constantly wrapped around Junmyeon. Ever since they'd gone to the movies together, they had broken the awkward wall between them. It was no longer stressful for Sehun to talk to Junmyeon. In fact, it came so naturally, talking to Joohyun was starting to feel hard in comparison. The biggest thing that stressed Sehun out was the fact that his relationship felt so different with Junmyeon around. He was no longer the perfect boyfriend doting on his girlfriend. He was someone completely different, and he was afraid to figure out just who that person was. Avoidance was always easier than confrontation.

So Sehun continued to ignore Junmyeon with all his might. When the man finally did have some free time one evening and invited Sehun out, the latter decided to decline, saying he was busy. It was a complete lie, but Junmyeon didn't need to know. Sehun took a deep breath after declining the invite via text and stared at a picture on his desk of him and Joohyun. It was much better this way. He had to keep his priorities straight and not get lost in a fantasy.


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